Translation and Legal Advice

We offer authorized translation from Turkish to English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, German, Russian and Azerbaijani and from the mentioned languages to Turkish. The advantage of using us for translation is that we put you in contact directly with the person who will make your translation and the two of you agree on a price without any agent charging a comission or earning money in between.

As we have worked as authorized translators in the Turkish Court Sytem for years we have a wide experience regarding the problems foreigners may meet when they live in Turkey. Unfortunately anyone may end up in a situation where they may need legal help and advice. We can advice you in many cases and help you to find good lawyers without having to pay a fortune for the legal assistance.

For most of you Turkey is a new country and the cultural differencies and the language barriers makes things more complicated than at home. If you have plans to start a company or to be a co-owner of a company, if you are going to get married or divorced, if you want to study in Turkey or some of your relatives has died and you need help with the inheretance make sure that you get the correct first hand information so that you know your rights and duties before you make your choice.

If you need a translation done or any kind of advice or help dont hesistate to contact us. We will try to do our best to help you.